Welcome to Learn Something New!

Learn something new with MATTHEW'S Education Network. Try out our new language - Forskä (F-oo-r-skah), which is a combination of English, Swedish, Danish and Welsh.

Anyone can use this Wikia to learn the language, and it will train your brain and help you to learn new languages in the future faster.

Unfortunately, as Project Forskä's dictionary has not been made, we cannot allow members to edit the Wikia at this time.

Projekt Forskä © MATTHEW'S Media Networks (UK) 2016.

What is Forskä?

Forskä is a new language developed by MATTHEW'S Media Networks (UK). We've combined English, Swedish, Danish and Welsh to produce a modern language for people to use in their own time, in order to improve on language-learning skills. As a result, users of this language can "pick-up" other languages faster.